I had to stay in the office yesterday night to wait for my girlfriend.  They had a team building at SOMETHIN’ FISHY.  I knew that would be a very long night of waiting so I decided to roam around the Eastwood City for the very freaking first time.  (hey wasn’t it that I’ve been working in Eastwood for at least one and a half-year ,for Goodness sake, and this was the first time that i had the chance to explore the wilderness of that place? That was so me!)

Lucky me! Little did i know that awesome bands were about to perform at around 10PM.  It was like a sponsored concert by Jack Daniels (if i’m not mistaken) and JAM (local radio station).

There were Paramita, Bones, and Urbandub.  Hey, what more could I ask for?  Thank Goodness it’s for F-R-E-E!

Paramita was still as wonderful as always.  The not- so-good  thing was they had added 2 more instrumentalists to play with their band  that, in my perception, did not in any way help increase their musicality. Sorry, if that was so blunt, this is my blog anyway! aha I’m pretty sure they will never get the chance to read this entry.  NO! not in this lifetime.

Now, let us talk about Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus.  Their performance was so AWESOME!  That was the first time that i saw them played with a girl vocs.  They reminded me of my favorite band, Cradle of the Filth.  Well, that was before.  I’m now done with those SATANIC lyrics that they have had on their songs.  Sayang! The music was superb, frantic, and so Gothic but the lyrics was so foul.  Oooops, I’m not talking about  Mr bones anymore, Am I? I was referring to Cradle, LOL. I always have difficulties with thought organization.

Lastly, URBANDUB.  The crowd started to scream their lungs out when they saw Lalay Lim.  I know I shouldn’t be but I was starstruck to death.  That wasn’t the first time that I got the chance to watch Dub.  My band in college was even able to play as one of their front acts way back 2007, not to brag.  But the feeling was just the same as the first time. I was so excited.  It seemed like they own the stage as they performed the hell out of themselves.  Their live sound, as I call it, was just as good as their recording.  They are indeed one of the bests in OPM.

Too bad I didn’t have my cam handy!



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